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People love to tell stories and listen to others do the same. Maybe that’s why blogs and their cousin, vlogs (video blogs), have become an effective marketing tool for businesses. Think of it— although speaking face-to-face is preferable to many, with the way business is conducted today it is not always ideal, and that’s where blogs come in.

Their easy, breezy conversational style allows blogs to start a conversation about the world around us. They give people a glimpse into your company values, your reason for being in business, and how you can solve their problems.

Write a Blog? I Have Too Much to Do Already!

I often suggest blogs as a cost-effective marketing vehicle for business professionals who want to become experts in their field or increase their audience. Many find it too overwhelming to take it on. Yet those individuals, who typically do not have the time to research, write, organize and publish a blog, are the very ones who need it the most.  By completely abandoning the idea, they lose out to competitors who have wisely chosen to invest in a blog.

How I Can Help

Being an entrepreneur myself, I understand the time limitations you have. I also know the thrill of being able to get someone else to do a project for you. As a copywriter, I work with you to come up with topics that suit your business. Then I research and create the blog and deliver it to you. I can even post it using WordPress and similar programs.

This gives you consistent and constant marketing material (depending on the frequency you choose) that can be weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. And like other marketing tools, consistency in a blog is critical.

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