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Landing Pages

Are you trying to sell a new product, a workshop, or even get yourself a new speaking gig? You could put something on your website, but a more straightforward way to get someone’s attention is a landing page.

Landing pages get your client to answer an urgent request, such as asking for more information or making a purchase. Typically designed as sales pages with a specific aim in mind to sell you something, get you to sign up for a free report or to request more information, landing pages are unlike websites that include information on every aspect of your business. It’s like comparing a suit vest to an entire suit. Landing pages can be part of a website or a stand-alone.

Landing pages are an excellent tool for several things, including promoting events, selling books, promoting podcasts, and offering marketing packages. And, in a pinch, they can also be an effective and inexpensive way of starting a website.

How I Can Help

I create the content on landing pages to help you promote your product, service, event, etc. This is accomplished through interviews with you, past marketing materials you may have on hand, and some online research on your competition. I collaborate with your web designer to make sure you receive a quality product.

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