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Finding Your Marketing Treasure Map™

If you’ve tried creating marketing content and it hasn’t worked out how you envisioned it would, it may be worth developing a new marketing strategy.  

Consider this: Stop doing it all by yourself and ask for help. Find a professional copywriter who can write your content and gift you extra time, saving money, and exposure to a larger audience.

Using my proprietary five-step Finding Your Marketing Treasure Map™ system, I guides you through the project from start to finish. Together, we review the purpose and benefit of each step, resulting in a clear picture of the content process.

Create the Map

This step in our discovery process allows me to learn about your business, values, and goals, eliminating many past content issues and acquainting you with the project scope.

Navigate the Map

In this step, I begin a deep dive into your business to gather, absorb and assemble material, resulting in concise, accurate, and relevant content. You get a new perspective into areas that may need to be expanded upon or condensed.

Look for the Clues

Together, we look at what keeps your clients up at night, as well as the words and phrases that will impact them. Your input is invaluable as you are the one who deals with your clients and understands their wants and needs.

Identify and Polish Your Marketing Gems

All the work up to this point has been preparatory. Now, you participate in finessing the tone and voice of your messaging and branding the content as your own.

The Treasure Within

The final step is the deliverable. You can check it off your to-do list. Your upcoming projects will be more straightforward as you’ve established an outsourcing relationship with a marketing professional.

You end up with relevant, consistent, and accurate content that reaches your ideal client and provides them the tools they need to make an informed decision. 

Contact me today to find out how you can have content that highlights your offerings, outlines the benefits, and frees time to do what you do best (run your business).

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