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Case Studies

I'm often asked, "why in the world would I need a case study? I'm not a contractor or engineering firm." The truth is these are not the only industries it benefits.

Case studies showcase your problem-solving abilities and the capabilities of your product or service. They are ideal for sharing what you do and how you do it with potential and existing clients.

What's involved in a case study? Let's take a look.

A case study presents the issue at hand (the facts), tells what you did to resolve the challenge (the solution), and how it made life easier for the client (the benefit and impact on the client). However, the best-case studies grab your clients' attention by telling compelling stories and often using visual indicators such as charts, infographics, and graphs.

Here's an example:

XYZ Company produces 200,000 widgets per day and distributes them throughout California and Arizona. In the middle of their busy season, a key piece of machinery broke down. The company had taken steps to avoid such a crisis with monthly maintenance and was unprepared when it happened.

The Operations Manager at XYZ Company contacted Widget Equipment Fixer, Inc., known throughout the industry for its highly trained technicians and their ability to perform quality work under a tight deadline. The technicians arrived at the plant, quizzed the owner and team members on the challenge, and suggested a temporary and a permanent fix to the problem. XYZ approved both plans. The Widget Fixer, Inc. technicians went straight to work implementing the temporary solution so that XYZ could get back on track with their deliveries. After the busy season had ended a few weeks later, The Widget Fixer, Inc. returned to implement a more permanent and lasting solution.

Due to the expertise of The Widget Fixer, Inc., XYZ Company was able to make all their deliveries. They appreciated the innovative thinking of the technicians who serviced their equipment.

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