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Writing Your Company Story with Relevancy and Readability

Everyone wants their business to stand out above their competition. How do you make that happen? It’s all about how you tell your story; how you address your audience, the tone you use, the words you select.


Robin Kellogg Associates creates written content for websites, blogs, brochures, articles and more.


Whether your client is the corporate type or more laid back, you want your words to resonate with them; to draw them in. To make them think that you and only you can help them achieve their goals.

Tell your story with conviction.

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The Value of Communication is Underrated

Book Coach & Ghostwriting Services

Everyone has a story to share, a tale to spin, a message to communicate. I help guide you through the arduous book writing process so that you can turn your idea into a published reality.

Every year, companies lose billions of dollars due to poor communication practices both within their organization and with their clients. Part of the problem is that many businesses don’t see their communications component as a sales funnel. Instead, they view it as an extraneous expense that detracts from their bottom line. This may have been true at one time but is no longer the case. Today a company’s messaging is what attracts its customers and increases its profits.


How can companies repair this ever-widening gap in their organizations? That’s simple. Make sure everyone, from employees through senior staff and customers, is on the same page. Educate your staff about your core values, customer service beliefs and the mission of your firm to prevent miscommunication. If you don’t have a mission or vision statement or a list of core values, the experts at Robin Kellogg Associates can write them for you.

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