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If you have ever been to a conference where others were speaking, you may have seen a printed sheet with the individual’s photo, bio, topics, testimonials, and other items highlighting who they are and what they do.

Known as one-sheets they are used for showcasing a service or product, attracting referral partners, or demonstrating your capabilities.

Most of all, a one-sheet is used to entice a target audience about a project, speaker, or author. To this end, they typically include an eye-catching design incorporating photos and graphics.

What does a one-sheet include?

  • Solid and catchy headlines that grab your readers' emotions.
  • Focused content that is engaging and inspiring will get your intended audience to make an appointment, a booking, or a purchase.
  • A design by a professional who understands the end goal.
  • A call-to-action statement or button. It’s all about telling people what you’re going to tell them, telling them, and then reminding them what you told them.

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