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It seems like everyone is writing a book nowadays, and there’s a reason for that. Business professionals have found that becoming an author enhances their standing among colleagues and customers, makes them the go-to expert and broadens their audience. These are all essential elements to building a successful business.

During the shutdowns of 2020 and 2021, some people found time to reflect on their lives and wrote memoirs or fictional stories. It appears that creativity is blooming.

The Book Idea Comes First, Then What?

The hiccup in writing a book often happens after the idea has germinated. Then the questions start flowing:

You have options. Here are a few. There are writing courses that will walk you through the process. You could join a group of authors who meet to discuss their books (online or in-person groups). Or, you could put it on a shelf to collect dust until the inspiration hits you again. This last idea is not viable if you want to relay your story, knowledge, or experiences to others.

We all have a story to tell, and how we describe it matters. Before you write one word of your book, understand:

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